About Us

SipGo is your universal SIP client. SipGo supports most, if not all, SIP providers and offers an app for iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices.

Simply install the free SipGo app and use your regular SIP credentials to log in. Use the SipGo dialer for high quality calls through any of our SIP partners (Google, Sipgate, Xeloq, T-Pad, VoIPax, Gulfsip, IPS, Badatel and more).

You can use one of the pre-configured SIP providers from the list, or configure your settings manually. If your provider is not listed, choose 'Custom'. Please check with your SIP provider for the correct SIP settings. Usually you have to use these settings:

  • SipServer: yourprovider.net
  • Proxy port: 5060
  • Username: your SIP username
  • Password: your SIP password

SipGo supports Google, Sipgate, Xeloq, T-Pad, VoIPax, Gulfsip, IPS, Badatel, VoipBuster, VoipStunt, StuntCalls, and more. If you would like to have your service listed, please send a detailed description of your Sip service here.